About DealBank

PROBLEM : 2008 financial crisis took down all big wall street investment banks, then came The Dodd–Frank Wall Street reform act it separated consumer banks from investment banks & since then in globalized economy we have no globally capable investment banks.

SOLUTION : DealBank.co is the World's foremost digital transaction platform. We help Companies from startups to fortune 500s raise capital from banks, ECM, DCM or M&A transactions, PE Funds, Hedge Funds & help in Investor Relationship Management. We help VC/PE/Hedge Funds G.P.s in setting up & raising their first & subsequent funds, We help L.P.s,Pension Funds, Sovereign Funds in their asset allocation & portfolio monitoring. Our aim is to democratize capital raising & Corporate finance & make small to big financial transactions seamlessly possible @ fastest speed, To unlock true potential of capitalism. Taking access to equity & debt capital markets & Private Equity & Venture Capital to the last mile from Fortune 500s to startups & SMEs in nook & corners of the world.

Our Skill

Dealbank.co is world's leading digital B2B corporate financial transaction platform that automates deal-making & help startups & corporates with easy access to global financial markets for capital raising form startups to fortune 500s. It is collaborative platform for SWFs, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, VC/PE Funds, Investment Banks, Intermediaries, Audit Firms, Law Firms, Banks, Start Ups, Corporates.









Team of Dealbank

Dealbank.co is led by team of talented fintech geeks who want to democratize corporate finance & bring benefits of capitalism to everybody.

Nilesh Thorve

Investor & Board Member

Mr. Nilesh is a fintech geek & visionary enterpreneur with one decade of experience in financial services. He decided to build dealbank.co as a automated global deal marking platform for all participants in capitalism to democratize corporate finance & make access to equity & debt capital seamless.

Neeraj Bahirat


Mr. Neeraj is a B-Tech electronics engg. from university of pune with interest in innovation & data. He serves as COO of organization to oversee smooth functioning between all stake holders. His interest is to take benefits of capitalism to SME's & startup enterpreneurs in India & globally.

Megha Tambe

Chief of Data

Megha is an engineer with interest in corporate finance, internet & technology. She is also an avid photographer & trekker with strong expertise in data analysis.

Shrividya B.


Shrividya is a engineer & commerce graduate & unique combination. She has one decade experience in financial services. Her interest is to use internet & technology to spread capitalism.